Varsity to introduce the Tirukkural course

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The course is in conjunction with the optional social justice class, which will be offered starting in the following academic year

The University of Madras has proposed to add the elective class for professional ethics to all undergraduate programs Vice Chancellor Gowri announced on Saturday in the Academic Council. This course is an addition to the social justice course which will begin in the beginning of the academic year next year. Mr. Chancellor Gowri explained that the university will industry partners with respectable companies to create specific courses in banking, IT and pharmaceuticals as well as related fields. The members were discussing about the subject of professional advance allowances (CAS) that were not yet being paid to professors at universities. Every person who was waiting for CAS was eligible for it Professors stated. A vote was conducted for vacant posts in the Union as well as the Sen. Baboo, Director of DG Vaishnav College, is elected as a union member, who received 135 of the votes. It was shocking to see police officers on campus on the elections was a shock to the union members who were sceptical about the decision as if they were teachers who were aware of the need to be respectful. Krishnamurthy, Department of Zoology, Government Arts College for Men, Assistant Professor,  Nandanam, was selected to be a member of the Senate Candidates for Tamil Nadu Government College Teachers Association got an impressive 125 votes.

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